Touch-less Liquid Hand Sanitizer & Soap Dispenser





 – Equipped with infrared motion sensor, the dispenser will release hand sanitizer or liquid soap automatically when your hand is detected.

 – 1.5 second max set dispensing time or device will stop automatically if hand is removed.

 – Large Cover, Opening and Reservoir makes it easy to pour in liquid.

 – Reservoir Capacity – 330mL / 11oz. with visible volume, check the level at a glance.

 – Can be used with a variety of liquids and is great for maintaining a healthy lifestyle ❤


 – Place your hand under Dispensing Nozzle, the built-in infrared sensor will detect your hand and will automatically dispense desired liquid from the spout.

 – Provides a great way to prevent cross contamination and germ transfer.

 – Contact-free hand sanitizing is also a fun way for children of all ages to keep their hands clean.

 – No dripping or trailing, which means no wasted sanitizer or soap.


 – ABS plastic has high impact resistance, high mechanical strength, wear resistance and moisture resistance.

 – Quiet running ensures sound won’t bother or disturb you or others while in use.

 – Simple and Modern Design will be an upgrade to any desk or countertop.

 – To dilute extra thick liquid sanitizer or soap, a 1:4 sanitizer/soap ratio to water is recommended.

*DO NOT mix water with liquid soap or sanitizer directly inside this device as this may result in issues with normal discharge.*

*Powered by 4x AAA batteries (Not Included)*

*Hand Sanitizer Liquid Sold Separately*



Ultimaxx Automatic Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is a safe, convenient and compact way to keep hands sanitary and clean throughout the day. Its fully automatic touch-free operation means you never have to touch a germ covered pump again. Just put your hand under the sensor to start the dispenser and remove them to stop it. Running off of 4 AAA batteries (Sold Separately) and sporting energy/power saving technology this device allows for extended use without having to worrying about running out of power. It also contains a large 330mL, or 11oz, reservoir for holding liquid and a visible volume window which allows for accurate monitoring of remaining liquid. Perfect for Desks, Offices, Homes, Schools, Kids, etc.

User Guide:
1. Inserting Batteries: Remove the battery cover, located on the bottom of the dispenser, and insert 4 new or fully charged AAA batteries to power device.
2. Opening/Filling Reservoir: Open and remove the top cap by pulling on its back lip. Fill the reservoir with hand sanitizer or liquid soap to about three-quarter of its capacity, then secure it tightly back in position.
3. Powering On or Off: Slide the power switch, located on the bottom of the dispenser, to the appropriate position (‘0’ for OFF and ‘I’ for ON).
4. Operation: Put your hand under the sensor, located by the nozzle, to allow the dispenser to start working. To stop liquid dispensing, simply remove your hand from under the dispenser’s sensor.


  • Material: ABS
  • Capacity: 330ml
  • Power Supply: 4x AAA Alkaline or Rechargeable Batteries (Not Included)

Box Includes:

  • 1x Automatic Liquid Sanitizer & Soap Dispenser
  • 1x Instruction Manual


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