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Ultimaxx Speeplight with led light

58 large index / Automatic light / Wireless TEL synchronization Shining every moment



I Bought the 650-1300 Telephoto Lens. Being a Novice, I Stripped the Part of the Lens that Connects to the Camera T- Mount. I Contacted them and They Sent Me a New T- Mount. Unfortunately, that Was Not the Part I Stripped. I Called Them and They Had Me Come Out to Their Warehouse that Was Not Too Far From My Home. They Gave Me a Brand New Lens and Showed Me How to Connect It. Great Customer Service.

Ray Hyman

Underrated Company

Rocking that @ultimaxx_usa camera bag.
Honestly, this company is highly underrated.
These bags are packed with so many hidden compartments
and my gear is protected even when I’m out being reckless.

Eddy Mogbock

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Eddy Mogbock