UV-C Rechargeable LED Sterilization Wand




– Destroys Bacteria and Virus DNA or RNA Preventing Germ Reproduction

– Disinfects Keyboards, Mobile Phones, Books, Bottles, and MUCH MORE

– 9PC UV-C Supplied Sterilization (270nm to 280nm)

– 9PC UV-A Indicating Proper Functioning (375nm to 380nm)

– Built-In 2400mAh Rechargeable Li-Battery

– Guaranteed LED Lifespan of 9000 Hours Each

– Compact, Portable, Low-Maintenance Design

– Germicidal Effectiveness – 99.9%

– Ozone- & Mercury-Free

– Environmentally Friendly

– Auto Shut-Off System

– 0 Second Preheat

– Voltage: USB 5V

– Current: 1A Max


Protect You & Your Family by Using Ultraviolet Light to Destroy 99.9% of Harmful Germs / Micro-Organisms (Including Coronavirus – COVID-19)

Germs do not simply live in public spaces; they are all around us. In fact, you’re more likely to catch something from your keyboard, smartphone, or TV remote control than from using a public washroom. This sterilizing wand is a germicidal sanitary device that utilizes UV-C light to eliminate the threat of bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and allergy-inducing micro-organisms found on countless items we interact with daily.

This handy little device is a convenient portable line of defense against getting sick. Unlike disinfectant cleaning wipes, this wand is safe for use on everything from eyeglasses and electronics to cutting boards and cutlery. Easily fits in a purse, backpack, or carry-on luggage. So, no matter where you go, you will have the added peace of mind knowing that you are always ready to sanitize.


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