UV-C USB Powered Collapsing LED Sterilization Bag




 – Keep Items Clean and Sanitized at Home or On the Go with Powerful UV-C Technology

 – Kills Up to 99.9% Faster than Any Other Sanitizer.

 – One Button Click to Start

 – Completely Automated Cleaning Cycle

 – Cleans Items in Minutes

 – Provides 360° Protection for Personal Items

 – Dual-Sided Twin Zippers Allow Product to Lay Flat

 – 99.9% Safer and More Naturally Clean

 – No Water or Messy Chemicals Needed

 – No More Odor or Chemical Smells

USB Power Allows Device to be Run off Wall Outlets, Computers, Power-bank(s), and More

 – Use On All Your Daily Items like Masks, Cell Phones, Remotes, Gaming Gear, Headphone, Keys, Bottles, Pacifiers, Jewelry, Wallets, Makeup Brushes, Toothbrushes, Kitchenware, Children’s Toys, Pet Toys, and So Much More!


The Ultimaxx Collapsing Portable Ozone Sterilization Bag is a USB powered device that can help you sterilize anything you need in a matter of minutes. This item is designed to sanitize, eliminating 99.9% of invisible hazards within 3 minutes without creating harmful ozone that require a dissipation wait time, making it safer to use. One button click to start, completely automated cleaning cycle saves time by doing all the work for you. Provides 360° protection for your personal items. Use this on all your daily items such as masks, cell phones, remotes, gaming gear, headphone, keys, bottles, pacifiers, jewelry, wallets, makeup brushes, toothbrush, kitchenware, children’s toys, pet toys, and so much more! The latest collapsing design, utilizing dual-sided twin zippers, allows this product to lie completely flat making it perfect to travel with. Buy one today so you will no longer have to worry about putting yourself and your loved ones at risk anymore.


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