Waterproof Carrying Case for DJI Ronin-S



– DESIGNED FOR DJI RONIN S: Hard case was created specifically for the
   DJI Ronin S gimbal stabilizer and its accessories.

– WATERPROOF: Protect the DJI Ronin S gimbal stabilizer when you’re
   transporting it, whether it’s raining or you drop the case in a puddle.

– STORAGE SPACE: Custom-cut compartments hold your Ronin S, Camera
   Mounting Plate, Focus Wheel, RSS IR Control Cable, Multi-Camera Control
   Cable (Type-C & Type-B), Lens Support, Camera Riser, Extended Grip / Tripod,
   USB-C Cable, Power Adapter, Accessories Box, Allen Wrench, Storage Case
   and 2 extra batteries.

– HEAVY DUTY: Made from shatterproof, ultra-durable plastic, the Waterproof
   Carry Case for DJI Ronin S was engineered to be the toughest possible
   carrying case.

– EASY CARRY HANDLE: Transport your Ronin S confidently and comfortably
   with a built-in handle.



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