Professional 4PC Multi-Coated Filter Set




– 4 Piece HD Digital Filter Kit.

– (1) Ultraviolet (UV) Filter.

– (1) Circular Polarizer (CPL) Filter.

– (1) Neutral Density (ND9) Filter.

– (1) Warming Filter.

– Digital Multi Coated High Quality HD Optics.

– Includes Protective Carry Case.

– Limited Lifetime Warranty.

– Ultraviolet (UV) Filter: Absorbs the UV rays from the sun and gives a sharper
   contrast and vivid picture. Serves as a permanent lens protector against
   scratches, dust, moisture and fingerprints.

– Circular (CPL) Filter: Filters out polarized light, dramatically reducing
   reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water, glass, etc. Enables
   colors to appear clearer with increased contrast.

– Warming Filter: When it comes to turning a drab dusk into a stunning sunset
   or subtle skin tones into striking ones this is all the filter you will ever need.
   No wonder it’s a hot choice with pros.

– Neutral Density (9x) Filter: Used to control the depth of field and illustrate
   the movement of waterfalls, rivers, clouds and cars more easily.


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