40M Underwater LED Light for Action Cameras




–  Great for all underwater activities, take amazing POV underwater photos
   and videos with this Ultimaxx LED diving light. Capable of working in depths
   up to 40 meters.

– Imagine illuminating dark underwater scenic views
   with this waterproof light. Whether it is snorkel, scuba or dive,
   this Ultimaxx underwater light will be a great accessory
   for all your activities.

– Super strong lighting, this light mount kit illuminates a wide angle
   at 300 Lumens with 3 LEDs. The angle makes sure that the entire
   field of vision has proper lighting.

–  3 Light modes for multi purpose use.
       1) “STRONG” Setting – Acts as a Spot Light
       2) “LOW” Setting – Power saver, low intensity deep dive setting
       3) “SOS” Setting – Works as a Flash Light, or Flashing Setting,
           can be used for SOS or underwater communication.

– USB RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – No additional batteries needed! It includes
   a built-in rechargeable 5V 1000mAh battery for long lasting power.
   Per charge battery life:
       1) “STRONG” Setting = 1.3 Hours
       2) “LOW” Setting = 6 hours
       3) “SOS” Setting = 7 Hours

– Includes: Bracket, LED Light, Rechargeable USB Battery, USB Charger.


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