40M Underwater Led light for GOPRO 5/6/7/8 and 9




–  Great for all underwater activities, take amazing POV underwater photos
   and videos with the Ultimaxx LED Light for GoPro. This attachment works
   up to 40 meters. Imagine illuminating dark underwater scenic views
   with this waterproof GoPro light. Whether it is snorkel, scuba or dive,
   the Ultimaxx diving light for GoPro will be a great accessory
   for all your activities.

– Super strong lighting this GoPro light mount, illuminates at wide angle
   at 300 Lumens with 3 LEDs. The wide angle makes sure that the entire
   GoPro field of vision has proper lighting.

–  3 Light modes for multi purpose use. 1) “STRONG” Setting – acts as a
   for GoPro Sport Light 2) “LOW” – Power saver, low intensity deep dive setting
   3) “SOS”, work as a for GoPro Flash Light, flashing setting, can be use for SOS
   or underwater communication.

– USB RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – No additional batteries needed! It includes
   a built-in rechargeable 5V 1000mAh battery. Battery for this for GoPro
   waterproof light is long lasting, Per charge battery life:
   “STRONG” Setting = 1.3 Hours
   “LOW” Setting = 6 hours
   “SOS” Setting = 7 Hours

– Includes: Bracket, LED Light, Rechargeable USB Battery, USB Charger.


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